The little owl who could

My first owl carving (before paint).  After an hour of carving I put a little too much pressure on the blade during a cut and snapped off the owl's nose. There was no repairing it. That was my first attempt. During my second attempt, a piece of the wood egg cracked so I had to sand off the 45 minutes of work I did and start over. During the third attempt, the knife slipped and proceeded through my glove and into my finger. After I patched myself up I thought I should have given up after the first attempt and should just stop what I'm doing. I wasted good resources, lost over two hours of my day, and was defeated by a silly, little owl. Then I told myself I've only wasted resources and time if I dont finish the project. I'll only be defeated if I quit. After a little break I went on to complete not one, but two owls before the end of my day. These little owls may not be amazing. They may not represent my best unfinished work, but they do represent something far greater than their intented purpose. The first owl will noyt be sold and will remain on my desk as I named it perseverance. 

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